Weather in Spring 2017 in UK?

Title: Weather in Spring 2017 in UK?
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Weather in Spring 2017 in UK


Although theoretically spring begins March 21, it is not a crucial date for sudden weather improvement. This date can be treated as early spring because April 2017 will bring a real spring weather. April is considered to be the month when spring begins and eventually gets out a little warmer. End of March will not be the best as we can expect cloudy sky. The temperature will be low, because it will reach 8 degrees Celsius. At night there will be only 2 degrees of Celsius, so rather chilly. Beginning of April will be similar but slightly better, because during the day we have 9 degrees above zero, and at night, only - 1 degree Celsius. The sky will be partly cloudy. 


Middle of April 2017 will bring an air temperature slightly higher. Exactly it will be 12 degrees above zero and 7-10 degree overnight. Second part of April will bring the temperature between 15 and 20 degrees and clear sky. Nice spring weather.


Seems that the beginning of the spring 2017 in UK will be nice but for the real spring (not only calendar one) we have to wait till second half of April … Let’s see what the real weather will be … 



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