Weather in Spring 2017 in Ireland?

Title: Weather in Spring 2017 in Ireland?
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Weather in Spring 2017 in Ireland 


As far as weather for spring 2017 in Ireland is concerned, meteorologists are not very optimistic. Everything will of course still change, but seems like in 2017 we will have late spring . Therefore, even in March we can expect night frosts and at the beginning of April during the day the temperature will reach about 10 degrees Celsius in the center of the country. Slightly cooler may be in the East, and also in the south.


Second half of April will bring significant weather improvement as we will have even 18-20 degrees during the day and around 4-5 degrees less in the nights. In May we can expect advanced spring with clean sky and temperature reaching 22-24 degrees. 


Looking forward to summer weather forecast …


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