Weather for summer 2017 in England?

Title: Weather for summer 2017 in England?
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Weather for summer 2017 in England

 Many people wonder about the weather in the summer 2017 in England, because they don't know where to go on vacation. 

June is going to be pretty decent. Throughout the month the temperature will not drop below 20 degrees Celsius. There will be, however, very heavy rain, but not very often. June will be a perfect introduction to a real summer, but definitely better to take a vacation trip in July.

July is going to be really hot. Already early July will bring the temperature of 28 degrees of Celsius. It will be only one day in July, where the temperature drops to 19 degrees Celsius and it will be July 26th. The very next day it will get hot, and the temperature at the end of the month will jump up to 31 degrees Celsius! So if you're going somewhere in July, it is best at the beginning of July or at the end. In July, possibly there are also violent storms with gusty winds. August will also be hot, but it will have much more rainy days and  clouds.


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