Weather for March 2017 in London?

Title: Weather for March 2017 in London?
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Weather for March 2017 in London


Let's see if London should get ready for spring in March 2017 …


The entire country of England is forecasted to be without any snow from the middle of February. How about the city of London? Well, the residual snow will maintain slightly longer inside the city but definitely end of the month is a real spring season.

Beginning of February is still predicted to be similar to February: still snow, frost and low temperature. The first week of the month will be very cold. The temperature will vary within the range of from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius during the day and - 2 - 4 degrees Celsius in the night. Midd of the month is expected to be wormer but not much the temperature will vary from 4-8 degrees and snow will still be present. End of March 2017 will be definitely wormer with temperature reaching even 14 degrees of Celsius during the day and 8 during the nights. No snow is forecasted at the end of the month.

Seems like the beginning of my favorite season of the year: spring


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