Weather for March 2017 in England?

Title: Weather for March 2017 in England?
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Weather for March 2017 in England


Shall we prepare for spring in England? Let's see ...


March is associated with spring, but really often is the month in which there is early spring. It had often happened that in March we had to deal with the snow. How will this year be and will it be third snowy month of the year? 


This year, March will be very regular, the temperature will be close to each other for about a whole month. This month is a great example of early spring and in most English regions it will no longer be any snow. The first week of March will be quite cold. The temperature will vary within the range of from 2 to 6 degrees above zero. In turn, the night will be between - 2 - 4 degrees Celsius, and so much cooler.


Already on the 10th day of the month we can expect a temperature of 7 degrees above zero. In the middle of the mont the temperature will be around 8-10 degrees and starting from 20th of March we can expect around 12-16 degrees of Celsius. The hottest day will be exactly 22 March and at the end of the month, when the temperature in the capital will reach 16 degrees.


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