Weather for Easter 2017?

Title: Weather for Easter 2017?
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Weather for Easter 2017


Easter is not only Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, but also Holy Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Let's start with Holy Thursday. According to the long-term forecast it will be 9 degrees Celsius during the day and - 1 degree Celsius at night, so the real frosts of early spring! On Good Friday we can expect 12 degrees above 0 during the day and 1 degree Celsius at night. On Holy Saturday we will have 13 degrees Celsius during the day and 3 degrees above 0 at night. So there will be pretty decent, although it will be rather cloudy sky and atmospheric pressure will not favor us.


Sunday will be cloudy with sunny intervals. We'll have 10 degrees during the day and 1 degree above zero at night. The pressure will be 1001 hPa, so it is not the worst, but could be much better. Rain will occur throughout the country, but it will not be a large amount. Monday will be cloudy. During the day, only 11 degrees Celsius, and at night 1 degree above zero. The pressure will be 1001 hPa and rainfall will occur throughout the country. As you can see, the holidays are neither hot nor cold.


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Weather for Easter 2017

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